Internal Communications Expert Responsibility: • Within the area of responsibilities assigned play a key role in setting a Communication Strategy orientated to customer value creation (i.e. Organization). Communication needs to be based on the customer pain points and priorities, iterated as MVP and finally delivered using pull mechanic vs. push mechanics (classic drums beaten propaganda top-down). • Drive transformation communications in collaborations with Agile office. It includes the task of forming and supporting a team of internal influencers to deliver / grasp insights / feedback. • Through focus groups or other bottom-up mechanisms, listen to the organization and analyze feedback to improve how we communicate. • Collaborate with different departments to ensure bottom-up communications flow. • Support internal communications channels with content creation and copywriting • Through impactful communication, bring focus and alignment in a high-paced, fast-changing environment. Help turn down “noise” in the organization by challenging and advising teams on relevance, timeliness, target audience, and channels for their communications. • Write messages in an engaging style to highlight the future opportunity, need, or achievements and the trigger will to action and / or pride within the organization. • Support organization of major communication events such as all employee Town Halls, Corporate Day, and Global Broadcasts. • Stakeholders management: challenge the need and priority of a plethora of internal requests, develop basic communication skills in the organization so that people will be autonomous. • Ruthless prioritize to deliver what impact the most on our customers. Requirements: • Experienced professional (minimum 5 years of experience in internal communication). • English - business fluent. • Excellent writing skills. • Good project planning, prioritization, and simplification skills.